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Thetys Treasury

Gérez vos flux quotidiens grâce à un suivi de la position de vos comptes bancaires en date de valeur et en date d’opération grâce à Thetys Treasury.


Daily management

  • Dynamic and graphical tools such as sheet value, the cash position of the distribution by bank ...
  • Entering projected cash settlements or incorporate from your accounting software, payroll, schedules investment or financing.
  • Automatic integration and check your bank statements to bank standards.
  • Entering balancing and instant verification of the position of bank accounts transfers.
  • Opportunity to check their bank billing and tickets premium.
  • Integration module Investments / Financing to manage interest rate risk and currency risk.


Reconciliation of cash

  • Customizing the user display
  • Performing automatic reconciliation of forecast transactions and bank transactions
  • Balance sheet reconciliation function unit or global dérapprochement.


Monitoring of bank charges

  • Automatic calculation of fees on cash transactions
  • Possibility of automatic generation of forecast operations costs
  • Different summaries of costs by period and by business unit (entity)



  • Calculating overdraft or interest income by business unit (entity)
  • Using market rates or customized courses